Serving as designer, construction manager and co-founder of Hudson Kitchen + Bath Nicholas Pappas recognizes and takes to heart the deeply personal relationship a homeowner has with the two most important rooms in their home. The kitchen has evolved into the heart of a home, it holds the power to deeply effect ones health and wellbeing while also providing a social gathering place where conversation can run deeper, and family ties grow stronger. The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house and can provide peace and tranquility in our daily lives.

With an eclectic background in design, construction management and years of production management in the arts, entertainment and media, Nicholas knows how to bring it all together. A graduate of Emerson College in Mass Communications, post graduate programs in art, graphic design and sustainable building Nicholas utilizes all of these experiences each and every day at Hudson Kitchen + Bath.


Co Founder, Construction Manager and Homebuilder, Joseph Rapp has over 35 years experience in the custom homebuilding and remodeling industry with a background in both design and hands on construction.  Joseph Rapp has built and remodeled hundreds of homes and commercial properties both as a homebuilder and as a project manager for companies owned and operated by himself and as a project manager for large homebuilding and construction companies. Joseph is involved in design, sales, construction oversight and general administration.